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A "LIMS" community for Robert Pattinson.

If you love Robert Pattinson, expect fun challenges with high quality pictures, a timely schedule, and a overly dedicated Mod, then this is the place for you.

rpattlims is a LIMS competition community. Basically, each week I'll post a new challenge for the participants, until we have only one participant left. This will give us our Last Icon Maker Standing; aka "LIMS". To join in on the challenges, just sign up here. Even if you can't make icons, but still love Robert Pattinson, you may vote. A voter's voice is what decides the winners in the end.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope to see you involved.

Your Mod,
-Adrianne; borninthisworld :)

Challenge Rules;
01: Participants may only enter 1 icon per challenge, unless stated otherwise.
02: Icon entries must fit Live Journal Standards.
03: All entries must have Robert Pattinson in the icon, but this is not limited to just Robert Pattinson.
04: Only use the pictures provided, unless stated otherwise.
05: Animations, brushes, textures, etc are allowed and highly encouraged.
06: All entries must be made for the specific challenge.
07: Participants must keep their icons anonymous until after voting.
08: When submitting an icon, please add the image of the icon and a direct url.
Photobucket, Image Shack, and Tinypic are all great hosting sites.
09: If you ever need to use a skip, just leave a comment on the challenge your skipping.

Voting Rules;
01: Please use the provided form. This helps keep the votes organized.
02: Participants are not allowed to vote for themselves or have others do so.
03: Reasons are not required to cast a vote.
04: Votes are weighted, so you must vote in order.

We will be voting off the worst icon(s)each week. When voting please use the provided form.
Votes are weighted, so make sure to vote in order. For Example:

Least Favorite:(In order)
#15 - Reason
#07 - Reason
#20 - Reason

#02 - Reason

Icon #15 will receive -3 points, icon #07 will receive -2 points, and icon #20 will receive -1 point. Icon #02 will receive +3 points. I'll then add your - points and + points together. The contestant with the most - points will be eliminated and the contestant with the most + points will win Community's Choice.

Idea taken from starlight_lims.

Monday: Results & New Challenge
Wednesday: Weekly Reminder (Sent By Message)
Saturday-Sunday: Voting

If you have any concerns, ideas, suggestions, or anything else leave a comment here.


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